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We speak your language! Why is receiving services in your own language so important?

Occupational therapists work with individuals while they are facing some of the most difficult and often emotionally taxing situations related to their healthcare. Receiving services by a practitioner who can speak and understand your language and culture can be a vital part of the rehabilitative process. It can also assist with advocacy in systems that often don’t account for cultural differences when providing services. At Purely OT, we can provide services in English, Hindi, Punjabi and Cantonese. Below are some of the benefits we often see to our clients when providing services in their languages.

A better understanding of their healthcare situation: Oftentimes our therapists assist clients with understanding and seeking further information regarding their diagnoses, rehabilitation recommendations and healthcare decisions.

Creating comfort: Being able to communicate with your OT in the language you are most comfortable with can assist with creating further trust and comfort that your healthcare providers are fully understanding your specific situation and needs.

Cultural understanding: Language and culture are deeply intertwined. Different languages may be associated with different cultures, foods, traditions and general understandings about the world. Working with an OT who is able to take into account all of these factors when providing you with care.

Overall, culturally competence and effective communication are of the utmost importance to our therapists. If you are seeking services for yourself or a loved one with cultural competence and ensuring understanding in mind, contact us for further information.

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