What we offer

I complete assessments, treatment and consultations in your home or workplace. I always ensure to use objective assessments to create an evidence based treatment plan that meets all your needs.

Return to work planning

We will first start with an assessment to obtain a history, complete a functional assessment and discuss strengths and barriers to returning to work. A program to assist with preparing you to return to work will be created, and we will address any barriers that may come up along the way. We are well-versed in speaking to employers and negotiating return-to-work plans and modifications in the workplace. Whether you work in an office, at home, or in a factory, we can assist you with obtaining the appropriate equipment, work schedule, and strategies to ensure a smooth transition back to work.

Ergonomic and Functional Assessments

Awkward positions, repetitive work, lifting, carrying, and even working at a desk for long periods of time can impact your health. I can complete assessments and provide recommendations for your specific job duties and workstation. These assessments can be completed for specific employees or on a group education basis.

Common recommendations from ergonomic assessments:

  • Sit-to-stand workstations
  • Footrests
  • Ergonomic keyboard and mouse
  • Optimizing screens for those with light sensitivity
  • Anti-fatigue mat
  • Education about exercises and preventative actions you can take to avoid chronic pain

Concussion Rehabilitation

Symptoms from a head injury can be scary and difficult to manage. They can range from mild to severe. We will start with an assessment and guide you through the management of your symptoms. Goals around returning to school, work, daily activities, and personal care will be addressed. Along the way, you will be educated on evidence-based treatments and other healthcare resources to assist with your care.

Virtual Appointments

We provide virtual appointments for anyone who is unable/uncomfortable with in-house or in-office sessions. Appointments are completed over the phone or via video and can be tailored to meet your needs. All sessions are confidential.

In-Home Assessments

We will start with a visit to your home and determining barriers to independence when completing your daily activities, including but not limited to; personal care, mobility, and housekeeping. After the assessments, we will provide recommendations and help you implement them. Changes to the home environment, such as installing grab bars, mobility aids, and safety in the kitchen are some of the recommendations that we may discuss.

Helping seniors age in place

Living at home and maintaining independence is a priority for seniors. Many of our clients express concern with living at home safely, reporting concerns about falls, and safety while getting into and out of the bathtub or in the kitchen. We can meet you in your home, complete an assessment and provide you with recommendations to make you and your home safer.

ICBC Claims

Many clients report feeling overwhelmed with navigating the healthcare system after a car accident. It is best to have an occupational therapist by your side to help guide your recovery. During the assessment, we will take a look at you as a whole, assessing your physical, psychosocial, and cognitive strengths and limitations. Afterward, we will determine your goals and create a treatment plan geared towards achieving them. Along the way, we will continue to re-assess and make changes to your treatment plan as you need.

Treatment with an occupational therapist is covered under Enhanced Care Benefits. Call us or talk to your recovery specialist about getting an occupational therapist on your team.

Progressive Goal Attainment Program (PGAP)

The Progressive Goal Attainment Program is a 10 week program that aims to reduce disability associated with pain, depression, Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), cancer and other chronic health conditions.

During the program, we will first complete an assessment to determine your goals and strengths. Over the next 10 weeks, we will work through the program to improve symptoms related to your chronic health condition. We will be using the PGAP Client Workbook during the program.