Occupational Therapy after a car accident

Many clients report feeling overwhelmed with navigating the healthcare system after a car accident. It is best to have an occupational therapist by your side to help guide your recovery. During the assessment, we will take a look at you as a whole, assessing your physical, psychosocial, and cognitive strengths and limitations. Afterward, we will determine your goals and create a treatment plan geared towards achieving them. Along the way, we will continue to re-assess and make changes to your treatment plan as you need.

Treatment with an occupational therapist is covered under Enhanced Care Benefits. Call us or talk to your recovery specialist about getting an occupational therapist on your team.Below, we have outlined some of the services our occupational therapists can provide.

Hospital discharge planning

Our occupational therapists can communicate with your hospital discharge team and ICBC claims specialist to create a safe environment for you in your home. Our team also ensures you have the supports you need to ensure a smooth recovery.

Our occupational therapists can complete home assessments, ensuring that all obstacles to daily activities are either removed or the environment is modified. They can also recommend equipment to ensure your home is safe and accessible.

Personal Care Assessments

Our therapists are able to complete ICBC Personal Care Assessments (PCA’s) to assist with helping evaluate your needs and how the car accident has They will meet with the accident survivor to evaluate their specific needs and how the accident has affected their ability to carry out daily activities.

Return to work planning

Returning to work after a car accident can be a daunting and difficult process. You may be dealing with ongoing pain symptoms, facing challenges with speaking to your employer about your abilities or just wondering how you will be able to return to work after being off for an extended period of time.

Our therapists are able to work with you on determining your abilities and limitations related to returning to work and work with your rehabilitation team, claims specialist and doctor on formulating a plan of action. Our therapists will also communicate with your employer to find suitable accommodations as required, and making changes to the plan if your needs change.