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Virtual Appointments

Sometimes, in person therapy is not an option for our clients. At Purely OT, we are able to provide virtual services to those who may be living in remote and underserved locations, or may not be able to participate in in-person appointments. Our therapists utilize a safe and secure platform for virtual appointments, allowing for us to complete assessments and treatments virtually.

Benefits of Virtual Appointments

  • Cost effective (avoid travel fees/traveling to clinics)
  • Comfort of receiving care while at home
  • Private and confidential
  • Limited physical contact reduces exposure risk for those who may be immunocompromised.
  • Great option for those who may have mobility limitations and are unable to access services in the community.

Virtual services we provide

Telehealth and virtual care have become increasingly common and convenient to clients, therapists and employers. We can assist with return-to-work planning, provide cognitive programs and provide mental health support virtually.